Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's been far too long since I've blogged.  I've been documenting my New York time in my journal lately.  I am slowly trying to get my creativity flowing again with some encaustic collages and creative journaling.  

Today was deliciously autumnal and I felt the inspiration sinking in.  There is something about putting on sweaters and drinking warm beverages that makes me want to create.  

I've also been more aware of taking advantage of exploring the city I am lucky to live in.  A couple of weeks ago I finally went to see the waterfalls.  It was a fabulous day, filled with sunshine.  

Last weekend I went to the Frick Collection and felt inspired.  I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the collection.  I also felt rejuvenated by exploring that area of the UES.  I know it is only a crosstown bus away, but I always feel like the UES is such a schlep to get to.

Today I went back to the UES but was not nearly as inspired.  I went in search of a specific coffee shop that I had read about.  And while I found it, it was not as exciting as I'd hoped.  It was still a pleasant day filled with thrift store explorations; apple, cinnamon & raisin pancakes, phone calls with loved ones; autumnal winds and sunshine; mussels in white wine sauce and parmesan, truffle fries; blogging by candlelight and spanish guitar in the headphones.
A lovely day indeed.


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