Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Past 2 weeks in pictures

Enjoyed the Spy Experience in Time Square with Nicole.

I always say that Fall has officially arrived when the Pumpkin Donuts arrive at D&D.

Explored the new section of the High Line with Jon & James.

Helped make Gowanus a little bit prettier on Saturday.

And got filthy dirty in the process.

Yes...I had shoes and socks on & my feet still got THIS dirty.

Then spent Sunday seeing condos in Brooklyn (with a few cocktail stops along the way).

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making the most of where I am

Sometimes I find myself not living in the moment and appreciating where I am in life.  This week I have tried to be aware of this time and place in which I currently exist.  
Walking home from work along the Hudson Monday evening allowed me to appreciate the setting sun and the city while enjoying trees and grass at the same time. 
Yesterday, I took a day off of work and got to take advantage of the many outdoor dining options available in the city, as well as having the MET within walking distance from me.  Nothing beats the view of the city and Central Park from the roof deck of the museum. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Saturday driving" in Vermont

I got to spend Saturday driving the rural highways of Vermont with a dear friend.  We searched for covered bridges, pointed out every cow we saw, busied ourselves with sunflower seeds & diet coke, marveled at the beautiful vistas and stumbled upon Tallman's General Store.  It was a relaxing and good way to spend the day.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A weekend of family

The two biggest reasons for my trip home this weekend were to spend time with Grandma and meet little Cooper.  On the way to my aunt's house, Grandma mentioned to me that she hadn't had the opportunity to hold Cooper very much at the last gathering.  So we made sure she got more time with him as soon as we got there.  He is so sweet & I am excited to have him in the family.  

Flipping through memories

I went home to visit my family this past weekend and spent the cloudy Saturday going through boxes I have stored at my parents house, trying to eliminate things.  
I had so much fun reconnecting with friends and family as I sifted through the millions of photos I have.  I would snap photos of the photos with my phone & send them to the people who shared the memories with me.  I got to share smiles across the miles that day with Jack, Clay, Melodie, Karolina, James, Julie & more.  What a sweet way of staying connected (I hope nobody gets charged for photo texts though or I might owe them a pretty penny).

Though this is a memory shared with my mother from a trip to Ecuador, I miss this painting and had to share it with Karolina.
From a wintery trip to NYC with an old friend.
I have always loved this photo - it was taken New Years 1999-2000 in Hollywood.
Me, Julie & her sister-in-law at Julie's wedding shower in Boston.
Miss Freckles when she was just a wee one.
Just back from Bali and headed to Boston - you can't see all the sun damage, but that trip left it's mark on my skin (I've since learned my lesson).
This is one of my favorite photos of one of my favorite people.
Prom...oh yeah - 
And this just made me smile (notice the FF - friends forever).

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