Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bleu - Azul - Blue

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Springtime in New York...only 2 months away.

I am all for a great snow storm & if it happens to come in March - so be it.  However, I do not appreciate the "dead zone" between winter & spring.  I either want cozy, snowy nights by a fireplace in a local pub, or I want colorful flowers, lime green baby leaves popping out and warming weather.  So, while I am not trying to wish winter away, if it's not going to REALLY be winter, then bring on the flowers.  

I am so thankful that I took photos of the lovely flowering city last spring.
Now I know the best dates for Mom & Dad to visit New York this spring.  
It also lets me know that Spring is not far away!
April 25
May 4

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Please meet my new friend DewDrop

So, I've shown the few things that I've sold on etsy, but I haven't shown you what I've purchased most recently.  I found the new shop Hot Digital Dog & just couldn't quit grinning as I looked at Cindy's offerings.  I was first taken by Mr. Mouse, but then Miss Dewdrop was introduced & I knew I had to have her. 

Her name is Dewdrop, but her friends, and she has many, call her DeeDee.
She now hangs in my kitchen.  
I feel little pangs of guilt when I eat cheese in front of her.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pittsburgh Shopping

 A few weeks ago I got some baklava from the tiny place downstairs & was so in love with the floral addition that i just had to have some.  However, I wasn't thinking of my flight home (and that I only had a carry-on) when I purchased my Orange Blossom Water, so now Neesh has a bottle all to herself. 

Made me feel like I was a child again, back home in Indiana.

Nisha checking out all the great seafood.

Penzey's Spice Company

Pamela's P & G Diner on a snowy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

So, I'm in Pittsburgh spending this lovely, snowy holiday with my dear friend Nisha. We've shopped The Strip (watch for some photos on here in the next day or two), walked around in the snow, viewed the city from Mt. Washington, and had a yummy breakfast at Pamela's P & G Diner. I do have to tell you that it was one of the best Valentine's breakfasts I've had in a really long was croissant french toast with caramel sauce and strawberries...oh yeah.
I've been feeling so loved and thankful for so many amazing people in my life - I love you all!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Friendship warms more than hearts...

My best friend Melodie made the most wonderful hat for me for Christmas.  I have lost count of how many people have complimented me on the colors; just last night in the grocery store, a woman stopped me to marvel at it.  Thank you my talented friend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Etsy Bliss

It's been a little crazy since last Friday so I've not had a chance to update here.  However, when I got up on Friday morning & checked my emails, I found that someone had purchased two felt hearts from my etsy shop!  I was elated & flattered.  Before work, I wrapped them up & wished them well as I sent them to her in New Jersey.  I hope they bring her smiles.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Etsy Happy

Today was a rewarding etsy day.  Though I've still not made a sale, I am flattered that my hearts are getting positive reactions from people.  I had a fellow etsy artist inform me that one of my hearts was featured on the etsy homepage today! 

Also, Rebecca, from the ardent sparrow  wrote me a sweet note and featured me on her blog today.  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Colorful men

It’s not every day that I come home from a museum obsessed with a new artist.  However, the last two times I’ve gone to the Studio Museum in Harlem, I’ve come away thinking I’ve found my new favorite artist both times.

Last autumn, the artist was Kehinde Wiley.

This time it was Barkley L. Hendricks.  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My list of 25

  1. I am completely grossed out by eggs and milk (though I love ice cream and cheese).
  2. I had the biggest crush on the bald guy from Sha-Na-Na when I was little. 
  3. If I were given the opportunity to choose my last meal on earth, I would choose Uno’s prima pepperoni pizza with ice-cold beer and for dessert, mango sticky rice (classy - I know). 
  4. I still play childish games with myself; “if I can continue at my same pace & make it to the sidewalk before the street-crossing sign changes to “don’t walk” then he’ll call me...or,  if the guy in the blue jacket looks me in the eye, then I’m going to get the raise I asked for.  Sadly, many decisions are often made this way too...if my groceries ring up to less than $21.54 then I should accept the invitation to Boston.
  5. I was old enough to be embarrassed when I finally realized that a flyce water was not what was used to kill flies.  
  6. I worked as a tour guide in a cave for a few summers in college.  
  7. My dream is to one day live in an old, charming, secluded farmhouse where I will make a living in the arts (or crafts) and travel into the city once every month or two for business.
  8. I remember on my first trip abroad seeing the watchtowers, barbed-wire fences & men with German Shepherds patrolling the border of Eastern Germany.
  9. I have a REALLY rough time starting a day without a great cup of coffee and time to relax and enjoy it.
  10. I go weak in the knees for great tattoos.
  11. If this chronologically made sense, I would swear that I had been a hip-hop street dancer in my previous life (yes, I loved the movie Step Up & Step Up 2).
  12. I am obsessed with America’s Next Top Model (and hate to admit it).
  13. I learned to snow ski & water ski when I was 7.
  14. I have worked selling Latin America travel for the past 6 years & am completely embarrassed by my pathetic ability (or lack thereof) of speaking Spanish.
  15. I wish I were gutsy (and talented) enough to be a graffiti artist.
  16. I am a list-lover.  I make lists of things to make lists of.
  17. I want to take a trip to Djibouti.  I’m not sure why I’ve been obsessed with getting there, but it’s been on my list for over 10 years.  
  18. I am a dreamer and a romantic and am not ashamed to admit it.  
  19. I have pins & screws in my leg from falling off the school bus & breaking my ankle in 7th grade.
  20. Peonies & Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.
  21. I would choose genuine laughter over money any day.
  22. I am an only child.  Sometimes I appreciate this, other times I yearn for a sibling.
  23. I used to want to live on Little House in the Prairie so I could go fishing with “Half-Pint,” and use bread dough for bait.
  24. I would love to make a living creating party favors, decorations and invitations.
  25. I adore the smell of jasmine and orange blossoms.

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