Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Please meet my new friend DewDrop

So, I've shown the few things that I've sold on etsy, but I haven't shown you what I've purchased most recently.  I found the new shop Hot Digital Dog & just couldn't quit grinning as I looked at Cindy's offerings.  I was first taken by Mr. Mouse, but then Miss Dewdrop was introduced & I knew I had to have her. 

Her name is Dewdrop, but her friends, and she has many, call her DeeDee.
She now hangs in my kitchen.  
I feel little pangs of guilt when I eat cheese in front of her.


melodie said...

How sweet. I like those-- duane would hate them!! Ha ha. It mgjts scare him out of the kitchen.

Looking forward to checking out the new music

blackcatgraphix said...

DeeDee LOVES to see a girl enjoying cheese!

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