Sunday, February 1, 2009

My list of 25

  1. I am completely grossed out by eggs and milk (though I love ice cream and cheese).
  2. I had the biggest crush on the bald guy from Sha-Na-Na when I was little. 
  3. If I were given the opportunity to choose my last meal on earth, I would choose Uno’s prima pepperoni pizza with ice-cold beer and for dessert, mango sticky rice (classy - I know). 
  4. I still play childish games with myself; “if I can continue at my same pace & make it to the sidewalk before the street-crossing sign changes to “don’t walk” then he’ll call me...or,  if the guy in the blue jacket looks me in the eye, then I’m going to get the raise I asked for.  Sadly, many decisions are often made this way too...if my groceries ring up to less than $21.54 then I should accept the invitation to Boston.
  5. I was old enough to be embarrassed when I finally realized that a flyce water was not what was used to kill flies.  
  6. I worked as a tour guide in a cave for a few summers in college.  
  7. My dream is to one day live in an old, charming, secluded farmhouse where I will make a living in the arts (or crafts) and travel into the city once every month or two for business.
  8. I remember on my first trip abroad seeing the watchtowers, barbed-wire fences & men with German Shepherds patrolling the border of Eastern Germany.
  9. I have a REALLY rough time starting a day without a great cup of coffee and time to relax and enjoy it.
  10. I go weak in the knees for great tattoos.
  11. If this chronologically made sense, I would swear that I had been a hip-hop street dancer in my previous life (yes, I loved the movie Step Up & Step Up 2).
  12. I am obsessed with America’s Next Top Model (and hate to admit it).
  13. I learned to snow ski & water ski when I was 7.
  14. I have worked selling Latin America travel for the past 6 years & am completely embarrassed by my pathetic ability (or lack thereof) of speaking Spanish.
  15. I wish I were gutsy (and talented) enough to be a graffiti artist.
  16. I am a list-lover.  I make lists of things to make lists of.
  17. I want to take a trip to Djibouti.  I’m not sure why I’ve been obsessed with getting there, but it’s been on my list for over 10 years.  
  18. I am a dreamer and a romantic and am not ashamed to admit it.  
  19. I have pins & screws in my leg from falling off the school bus & breaking my ankle in 7th grade.
  20. Peonies & Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers.
  21. I would choose genuine laughter over money any day.
  22. I am an only child.  Sometimes I appreciate this, other times I yearn for a sibling.
  23. I used to want to live on Little House in the Prairie so I could go fishing with “Half-Pint,” and use bread dough for bait.
  24. I would love to make a living creating party favors, decorations and invitations.
  25. I adore the smell of jasmine and orange blossoms.

1 comment:

melodie said...

I love it!! What a great list! I forgot about the screws in ankle. I do those games too "if .... Then it means.....". Great stuff

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