Monday, February 16, 2009

Pittsburgh Shopping

 A few weeks ago I got some baklava from the tiny place downstairs & was so in love with the floral addition that i just had to have some.  However, I wasn't thinking of my flight home (and that I only had a carry-on) when I purchased my Orange Blossom Water, so now Neesh has a bottle all to herself. 

Made me feel like I was a child again, back home in Indiana.

Nisha checking out all the great seafood.

Penzey's Spice Company

Pamela's P & G Diner on a snowy Valentine's Day.


melodie said...

Looks like a good weekend, sister. You have eu h an eye for photos. I'm jealous of your skill. Tell Nisha she looks great.

John Helmer Wulkan said...

That Rabbits Photo is as disturbing as my leaking comment. James left after Bangladesh and I am now doing a "group" tour. We just arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia today. Angkor Wat will fill most of the day tomorrow.

Much love,


Hopeful said...

I was in Pittsburgh for the weekend as well! The Strip District with all it's culture and Italian shops was my destination dream. We ate at Primanti's, Lidia's, and bought meats at the Macaroni Co. I will be adding Pittsburgh visits to my blog later today!

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