Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moving in a different direction

I have been looking through other blogs & see that so many people blog about what I still put in my "journal" that I carry with me everywhere.  I have come across a great site that has daily inspirations.  While I will never give up on my paper & pen, I am inspired to include more of my lists & dreams on here.  

List 10 things that arouse a fond memory of the past.

1. Thunderstorms

2. Mangos

3. Smell of certain lipsticks

4. Heavy Ink

5. Coffeeshops (indies)

6. the smell of a summer evening right before a 


7. bonfires

8. green apple jolly ranchers

9. freshly mowed grass

10. lambchop sideburns

1 comment:

melodie said...

I like your list. I agree with almost all of them. I don't really like sour apple jolly ranchers-- but can't turn down wintergreen life-savers. not the sugar free.

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