Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Traveling through memories

I am in desperate need of a vacation.  Unfortunately, instead of traveling any time soon, 
I must re-live past holidays in my memory instead.  
Here are a few of my favorites:

Pozo del Cielo Hotel in Chivay, Peru
The Colca Canyon in May reminds me of Colorado mountains in July.  The wildflowers blow in the breeze, the green layers of the tiered canyon create such depth and beauty and the ripe prickly pears are tasty treats.  I had the treat of visiting a wedding celebration, watching the couple & women twirling in a blur of colors.  The Pozo del Cielo is the perfect place to stay; it's adobe walls create a cozy comfort and the hot water bottle placed under the covers at night is a great surprise.

May Day in this ancient, hilltop town is colorful and jovial.  A friend and I had rented an apartment that had a lovely patio where we could enjoy our breakfasts of fresh bread and strong coffee.  On May 1, children knocked on our door selling flowers as part of the celebration.  As we walked around town, we found little pockets of neighborhoods creating their own floral sculptures as part of a friendly competition.  The already charming town came alive in flowers. 

I have the fondest memories of traveling in Iceland in the winter; eating lobster bisque next to the roaring ocean as I'm warmed by an outdoor heater; running through the snow barefoot from a thermal bath to a steam hut; sipping strong, black coffee in a cozy cafe as big cartoonish snowflakes float past the windows...  

Breckenridge, Colorado
Spending my childhood summer vacations in this cozy town, tucked in the mountains still 
keeps this now-commercialized town magical for me.  

Ubud, Bali
Rice paddies, lush terraces, mangos for breakfast, refreshing swimming pools, 
monkeys, and flowers strewn everywhere.

Marrakesh, Morocco
The colors, sounds and smells of this city can overwhelm or intoxicate.  
The city has an ancient air of magic.


melodie said...

I am ready to get my passport... Where to next? I missed this posting untill now. These are great photos.

Deb Harvey said...

Oh, I want to visit all of those beautiful places!!! Thank you for sharing.


pinkmilk said...

Beautiful pictures... very tempted by Iceland!

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