Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beginning of the hunting and gathering phase

Every year, right after Halloween, my mind skips to Christmas fun.  I know so many people think that this is way too early to start thinking of the holiday, but I like to revel in the dreaminess of the season as long as possible.  So in early November I begin hunting for fun things to give and use for the holidays.  

This weekend I am headed to an antique market to begin looking for things that I can use this Christmas.   Here are a few things that you should be on the lookout for.  As we get closer to the holiday, I will begin showing you how I use these various items to decorate and gift wrap.
Happy Hunting & Gathering!
Vintage Nokorode Soldering Paste Can by Leader Of Men
Vintage jewelry for altering by outofthebluedesignsbyjerin
Perfect by wasianed
Perfect, a photo by wasianed on Flickr.vintage christmas postcards by everything vintage
vintage tin, a photo by marzipan inc on Flickr.Vintage Buttons by karenann1952
Vintage Buttons, a photo by karenann1952 on Flickr.Vintage Tins by TheFancyLamb
Vintage Tins, a photo by TheFancyLamb on Flickr.
Vintage Keys by hesson
Vintage Keys, a photo by hesson on Flickr.
reels of ribbon by peet-astn
reels of ribbon, a photo by peet-astn on Flickr.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

This is when I should start thinking about making things for Christmas but I actually start about a week before. HA. I do want to make some gifts for my mail art pals so I better get started sooner rather than later. Love those vintage keys and tins....

stephrudolph said...

Yes Pamela, you should start working on the projects now. That way you can sit back & enjoy the season when it is here. :)

PamelaArtsinSF said...

I will try to get started but I am never in a Christmas mood till about a week before...but we'll see. BTW-did you see Jennie H's post on Red Letter Day about that rubber stamp store in the East Village??? I must go there.

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