Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Surprise

Since I was in Nairobi for my actual birthday, dear, dear friends planned a surprise birthday celebration for me the following Saturday.  I was told to bring a swimsuit & that was all the details I got.  I was put on a train in Penn Station and left to guess where we could be going.  
The surprise was that they had rented a boat for us in Long Island!  It was the best surprise ever because the weather was perfect & the best New York people were with me. 
View of the City from the boat
Unplanned, everyone's towels were from recent travels (Bolivia & Turkey in this photo)!
Karolina & I were the two brave ones to jump in first!
Everyone had their own individual "birthday cake parfait"
Once in...we didn't want to get out.
Carlos preparing the dancing music.
It was THE most perfect day to be out on the water.
Karolina made a basil sangria that was amazing!
And the one who orchestrated my birthday being so special - Thank you James!
 Oscar almost killed us driving the boat, but we survived and it has left us with belly-aching, laughable moments to remember.  

Karolina made enough amazing food and drinks to feed an army of swimmers.  As we sat in the air-conditioned car on the ride back to the city, a little red from the sun, salty from the water, completely wind-blown and happy, we continued eating chicken legs, corn on the cob and fruit kebabs the entire way...until we exhaled, exhausted and smiling on the subway home.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Stephanie! Now that looks like it was big fun....

stephrudolph said...

Thanks Pamela. It was indeed a lot of fun.
You will be hearing from me via your postal-person soon. ;)

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