Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We're going into the 2nd week of the New Year & I am just now posting my New Year blog post, but hey, it's all good.

So, getting inspiration from my friend Melodie, I am listing my resolutions from 2009. I didn't do horribly, but hope I will do better this year with my goals.

I will list the two that are ALWAYS on my list - every year - first.

1) Read this list once a month: J_F_M_A_M_J_J_A_S_O_N_D. Um..less than 50% of the months...I read it in January, February, March, September & October.

2) Visit a new country: accomplished; Chile, Argentina & Brazil

3) Visit at least 12 new galleries or museums: I know there were more visit, but not necessarily new places...and only 4 were documented: Queens Museum, Warhol Museum, Carnegie Art Museum, Detreich Gallery.

4) Complete the Creative Entrepreneur book with all the journal exercises. Nope...maybe 1/2 way through it.

5) Create at least 52 postcards & document them on my blog. Well, from the sad, sad job of posting I did the better part of this year, we can all see that this did not happen.

6) Host at least 4 dinner or cocktail parties: I had's just a hard thing to do in a studio.

7) Participate in 2 juried exhibits. Hhm, I think I will put this one back on my list for 2010.

8) See at least 10 shows: Royal Family, Hedda Gabler, Mary Poppins, Polobolus, Groovaloo, Freedom, the Nutcracker & Klangforum Wien (Free Radicals). I think had I read this list on a regular basis, it would have motivated me to see more. Since I've left 35 years of age behind & am no longer eligible for $25 tickets thru hotix...that makes a difference too.

9) Go on 3 dates by March...hmmmm.

10) Successfully create & accomplish a group "creative trip to NYC" - why am I afraid of this?

11) Send at least 1 item with a publicity kit to 4 magazines...scared of this too.

So, I thought I had done pretty well until I just wrote these all out. I now realize that only ONE of those was completed in full. Wow...I think this might be a wake-up call to pay attention to life & each day...and to not just assume that I will be able to accomplish one or all of these "another day."

Tomorrow I will list my NEW list for 2010. Goodbye to this unfinished list...hello to so many new opportunities!

1 comment:

melodie said...

Hooray. hooray whahooo..
I think that even one accomplisment is cause for celebration. better than no accomplishment. plus you made progress and did a bunch of stuff that is not on the list. yea you.

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