Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 - better watch it's back!

So, on to the New Hopes and Aspirations:
  1. Visit 1 new country
  2. Read this list once a month
  3. See at least 6 shows (saw one on January 2nd, so I'm off to a great start)
  4. Visit Grandma before Christmas
  5. Go to "Drink & Draw"
  6. Take a course at the book center
  7. Lose 3 pounds every month until I reach my goal (I figured baby steps are lessoverwhelming)
  8. Visit 16 museums/galleries
  9. Keep a "Thankful journal"
  10. Visit Mantauk
  11. Read & complete 37 Days
  12. Get New York driver's license (goodbye great photo from my Massachusetts license)
  13. Create 25 small pieces of art
  14. Go to Balthazar for dinner
  15. Complete the Creative Entrepreneur book with all the journal exercises
  16. Spend one weekend exploring Staten Island
  17. Take advantage of the Apple store free courses; go to at least 6 sessions
  18. Go to Saturday Euchre at least 3 times
  19. Buy 2-liters of soda & take ice to work instead of spending $2 each day on a fountain soda
  20. Put $300/month into savings
  21. Participate in 2 juried shows

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