Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Obsession

7th grade, during Mrs. Kane's English class, she asked us students, one at a time, what our favorite season was. When she asked me, I said, "every season is my favorite when it arrives". She told me that made me a true romantic. Now, all these years later I am reminded of that afternoon, because I am SO excited about Easter that it is currently my favorite holiday & time of year. Things haven't changed that much since 7th grade - last month, Valentine's was my favorite holiday, and a couple of months before that, it was Christmas. However, this year is a little out of control. My apartment looks like I am housing the Easter Bunny himself. I have peeps, Easter buckets overflowing with fun presents, fuzzy little chicks, plastic eggs filled with goodies, silk flowers to decorate these goodies in their baskets, old, victorian-themed eggs, yellow and green ribbon, little grape-vine nests waiting to be filled with little chocolates, yellow artificial grass, green edible grass, miniature gum balls shaped like eggs in miniature little egg cartons, plastic peep-shaped containers, victorian-themed Easter cards, jelly beans, gift tags with bunnies, and oh so much more.


melodie said...

Beautiful- just beautiful. I haven't been feeling very springish- or eastery. I hope to change that this week. I wish I could come over and make some stuff with you.

Are you coloring any eggs this year? Remember the year you were here for Easter and we hid them? Hugs

Clayton said...

Erin and the girls have not stopped singing your praises! They told me about your decorations, staying with you was a highlight of their trip. Which is saying a lot because they had a great time! Cannot wait to see you. Hope life is going really well!

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