Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sewing 101

For years I've been wanting a sewing machine to sew paper. Much to my surprise, Santa brought me one this year; I was elated. I've been slowly getting used to it & getting better at sewing straight lines. I finally decided to make something besides those straight lines & made a little apron for Miss Gaby. Apparently when she opened it, it warranted an "Oh...my...gosh!"
That was thanks enough.


melodie said...

hooray! using the sewing machine is awesome. I've had one for years and yet to figure it out. You are my new hero. I want to make those felt hearts with you. can I come over?

PamelaArtsinSF said...

A sewing machine? I will look forward to some sewn paper envelopes or something...I didn't eve know you had a blog, Steph. Good to see you. Loved the Lists posts. I love lists too.

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