Saturday, April 2, 2011

Current Obsession #1

So I've read about other people's obsessions with Japanese Masking Tape (Washi) for years now & I just never joined the party. The tape was too expensive for what I would use it for - fun. I find that I don't use materials that are a little pricey (for what they are). When I'm crafting, I end up seeing them as "too precious" & save them for " just the right project," which means that I have them for years until I get tired of seeing them around & lose the joy in using them. But if something is more reasonably priced, I use it more freely and creatively, which is how I think the process should be. So, when I found these on sale at West Elm last month, I bought rolls & rolls of them. And now, I see what all the rage was about - they are SO fun to use. Because I got them so inexpensively, I have been freely using them and loving it.

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