Thursday, July 14, 2011

Six Wishes

Last year I put together a custom cupcake themed birthday outing for my dear friend Karolina. I mapped out 6 cupcake bakeries in NYC that we could walk to without traipsing all over the city.

I made an accordion book with water-colored cupcakes on each page with 6 real candles tucked into the imaginary frostings. At each of the cupcake bakeries, she got to blow out a birthday candle for a total of 6 wishes throughout the day.

Of course we rated each cupcake experience as we ate our way through the day too.

While the Cupcake Cafe was by far the most beautiful to look at, the horrendously rude service (and frosting that too closely resembled plain butter) put it towards the bottom of the list. This saddened me because with such a whimsical and happy decor and cupcakes as gorgeous as these, there should be nothing but smiles at this place.

I have never been able to figure out the obsession with Magnolia Bakery. Yes, it feels like you're stepping back into a 1950s country store and the jars of colorful sprinkles charm the visitors, but after that, I start to lose interest. Of course we stood in the ever-present line to get a mini-cake though because the 2nd wish was waiting.
I am happy to announce that my interest did perk back up with the discovery of their amazing banana pudding.

The wonderful Sweet Revenge was at the top half of the list with by far the friendliest service (who would expect less from a fellow-Hoosier?). And who wouldn't love a place that pairs wine with cupcakes?! Both the sweet and the savory treats were tasteeeee.

BabyCakes in the East Village caters to the vegans in the group.
The nostalgic store was a sweet experience.

We made it to Sugar Sweet Sunshine just as they were closing, so the "collage vibe" of the store was visited only briefly to get a tasty treat to go. Even though we were there as they were trying to clean up & leave, we were waited on with a smile.

The over-all winner was Butter Lane. While the customer service could take some major pointers from Sweet Revenge, the limited mix and match options have never disappointed with freshness and tastiness.

I'm sorry it took me so long to post something about this outing, but it was a fun one to remember.

To see a map of my tour, click here.

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