Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation day in Brooklyn

What differentiates a "vacation day" from a normal day off of work?  
Is it great company?  
Is it great food?  
Is it being a bit tipsy at 3pm?  
Is it exploring new places?  
Maybe it is a combination of all of these things, or maybe it is just one.  I'm not sure.  
But what I am sure of is that I LOVE vacation days no matter how you define them.  
The adventure started in Manhattan with tasty ginger barbeque brisket and pulled duroc pork sandwiches from Cambodian sandwich shop num pang - there is no better way to start an exploration expedition.
Then it was off to Dekalb Market for a bit of retail therapy, which soon turned into Toasted Blue Point Lager therapy.
We wanted to buy this tee shirt for Lucy.
With no set agenda, it's great what one finds while searching the streets for ATMs. 
We eventually made our way into the Fort Greene area and the real wandering began.
Oh how we both fell in love with the quiet, tree-lined streets.
Sprinkled in with some lovely drinks - this one from the Cornerstone.
St. Rue's - a lovely combo of gin, St. Germaine, lime juice, simply syrup & sauvignon blanc.
This little gem got the dreams started, as it was for sale and not at a bad price...
The candlelight sneaking out of an ajar door made me notice this little hidden gem.  I simply pointed it out for it's visual appeal, but within less than 60 seconds, we found ourselves at the bar awaiting our perfectly crafted cocktail.  
And of course when there is a Juniors right by the Subway stop home...who can resist a late-night visit?!
Headed home a tad bit tipsy and happy with full bellies,
we both considered it a fantastic "vacation day" (a.k.a. Saturday).

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

I am soooooooo jealous!!!! And Juniors too???

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