Sunday, August 28, 2011

My un-scientific research

My camera has died.  It's been a good one and it will be greatly missed, but of course the excitement of a new camera has me jumping with happiness.  
As I started researching which new camera I should buy, I decided to go about this aesthetically.   I have decided that I will peruse Flickr, clicking on all the great photos that catch my eye & make a list of the cameras used in said photos.  Of course, right now the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is winning...but considering the $3,000 + price tag attached to it, it will most likely not win the race.  However, I wanted to share some of the eye candy I've been coming across during my "research."  
And if anyone has a suggestion on the best camera to get (that won't require the harvesting of a kidney), I would be appreciative of the advise. 
Hong Kong Victoria Harbour by Bo-Chi Workshop

6 am glow by mstudiofoto
6 am glow, a photo by mstudiofoto on Flickr.
Look up and smile[Explored] by Norbert Löv
Look up and smile[Explored], a photo by Norbert Löv on Flickr.
Chaumont sur Loire -view from river by Dyrk.Wyst
Vía Láctea by inaxiotejerina
Vía Láctea, a photo by inaxiotejerina on Flickr.
short sighted... by ~ geisha ~
short sighted..., a photo by ~ geisha ~ on Flickr.
Aphrodites Rocks, Cyprus by John J Buckley

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Sister of Icarus said...

Steph, you should look into the Canon 60D SLR - that's the one I want to upgrade to. I have a Canon Rebel Xti right now. the 60D is still pricey (at like 1100-1300 dollars) but definitely worth it. :)

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