Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Current Obsession #4

I yearn for a house in the country...I do.  Don't get me wrong - I L-O-V-E living in the it, but I would enjoy being able to split my time between a spacious country house and my tiny, but vibrant city studio.  

I associate the openness and slow pace of the country with creativity.  I have not been as creative as I would like to be in the city, but inspiration still hits, so while I have limited space, I take really great notes to inspire me when I do have that front porch on which I can paint.  Until then, I will be satisfied looking at these dreamy photos and appreciate not having a lawn to mow.
Grange (2) - Barn (2) by francois.dion

Grange (2) - Barn (2), a photo by francois.dion on Flickr.Honey!!! I need 1 more gallon of paint ! by francois.dion

nest, a photo by catcad on Flickr.Lazy Daisies by francois.dion

Lazy Daisies, a photo by francois.dion on Flickr.
Barn series by francois.dion
Barn series, a photo by francois.dion on Flickr.


Sister of Icarus said...

Feel free to use our home as yours! We have an extra bedroom and (as a matter of fact) I keep my easel in there and about a thousand canvases ready to paint on.

There are also two farms by us, one on either side, and then a little locally owned farm (with chickens and produce) across the street. Great photo opportunities on a nice day.

And if you're into skiing, there are two ski resorts within an hours drive. So I'm just saying - feel free to invite yourself. My friend Maralee also lives in the city and has no trouble telling me she's going to come up in a couple of weekends; and I never mind anyway :)

stephrudolph said... are SO sweet to offer this - and you better watch out because I just may take you up on this. Of course the offer stands for you to visit the city any time you wish too - I don't have an extra bedroom, but I do have an extra bed - that's sorta the same. :)

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