Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Erin & Clayton

My cousin Clayton married his sweetheart Erin this past weekend outside of Nashville, TN.  It was the sweetest and most unique wedding.  The rain went around us making the outdoor celebration perfect.  

 Each table had a little mise-en-scene using family heirlooms and found antiques that they had collected.

 This was one of my favorite tables; it held our great-grandfather's horn. 

 All of the family brought flowers from their gardens to color the tables.

 And this was my favorite part of all - over 20 individual cakes were baked by friends and family, and then wedding photos from both sides of the families adorned them, creating an awesome scene.  
This is only one cake table of three.

 Erin's creative side was apparent in every tiny detail - she's so cool.


And how openhanded of them to allow us to peek into a few of their love letters.

I love you Clay & Erin & wish you SO much happiness and love!

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