Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day in Panajachel

This morning we woke up & enjoyed a peaceful time kayaking on Lake Atitlan. Mom spotted a ¨porpoise¨ (in other parts of the world, it´s known as a buoy), a shoe she tried to get me to pick up, as well as a basketball that she wanted to take back with us to try to sell. Oh, the things that float in beautiful Lago Atitlan after a rainstorm.

We then made our way to a nature reserve where we enjoyed a long nature walk thru the jungle in the rain. We crossed rushing mountain streams (which Mom fearlessly & nimbly hopped across...leaving me with knocking knees fearful of going downstream over the waterfall only a foot away) and slid on the muddy trails. We watched a spider monkey play in the rain by swinging back and forth by each of his arms, then his tail, just trying to see how high he could get himself. We were quite tickled by his antics. Speaking of being tickled...last night over dinner I think we both had tears in our eyes when mom pointed out one of the chicken dishes on the menu was ¨the juicy breast of a big and obese chicken.¨

So, as we are getting ourselves ticked again at the thought of obese chickens, I will sign off so we can enjoy what little day light we still have (despite the rain)

Tikal - I visited on Monday before flying to Guatemala City & then on to Antigua where I met up with Mom.

Mom yesterday (Tuesday) in the Solola Market.


Melissa said...

Dear Steph and Linda!!! Great to hear about your exciting adventures as I prepare for my morning commute (snore!....) The photos are great and with your descriptive narrative, I can almost feel like I'm right along with "you all".. :) I can just smell the warm corn tortillas..yum!
Have fun & be safe! Love, Melissa

melodie said...

I love these pictures. I love reading your updates. thank you for keeping me up to date. It is a quiet morning here in Colorado and I miss talking to you over a cup of coffee. Seeing your blog makes me miss you all the more. The trip looks amazing. Hi Linda-- hope to see you soon!

lesley said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love the way you describe things so i feel i am right there with you. Hope you and Linda are having an amazing trip. be safe and post more pics. love to you, lesley

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