Sunday, August 10, 2008

It Happened One Night

I just watched "It Happened One Night" for the first time & was completely enthralled.  It was a fun addition to my evening & a great way to wind down the weekend.  

I particularly liked when Ellie (Claudette Colbert) asked Peter (Clark Gable) if he ever dreams of meeting a woman.  His reply was perfect & one that I know is still in the hearts of adventurous, honest,  easy-laughing, loyal & single men in the world; 

"She'd have to be the sort of girl who'd jump into the surf with me and love it as much as I did.  You know; nights when you and the moon and the water all become one and you feel you're part of something big & marvelous.  That's the only place to live - where the stars are so close over your head you feel you could reach up and stir 'em around.  Certainly I've been thinking about it...  Boy if I could find a girl that was hungry for those things..." 

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