Thursday, August 7, 2008

Questions from Nisha

So, my friend Nisha sent out a mass email to friends & at the end she said "I look forward to hearing from each of you. If you're not sure what to write, how about answering these:" & then she listed the following questions.  I thought it would be fun t answer them on here.

I'd love to hear your replies to these questions.

What has your favorite experience of 2008 been? 

Fulfilling my dream of moving to New York; experiencing the city on a daily basis and feeling completely at home here.

Who has been someone you met this year who intrigued you the most? 

My friend Roma intrigues me because she escapes all stereotypes & I’ve yet to really figure her out.  I don’t know why I feel the need to “box” her into a pre-packaged person in my mind.  I guess it’s because I just never know what to expect from her & I’m trying to control my surroundings.

What new discovery have you made about yourself this year?

I’ve finally come to the realization that my best work comes from having clear directions and goal-oriented tasks.  I need to have something to mark off a list or something to show for the work in the end.  I don’t do well with open-ended assignments.  

Where did you last have a memorable meal?

An Argentine steak restaurant called La Rural on Amsterdam & has the dreamiest steak & garlic fries (and great sangria)...with a delectable dolce leche crepe to end the meal.   The crepe seriously tastes like the most perfectly browned marshmallow that’s been slowly turned over an open fire with the greatest attention.  It’s as if someone bottled the taste of toasted-on-the-verge-of-burnt-but-just-perfect marshmallows & they use just a couple drops of the essence.

When did you last laugh till your side was in stitches? What made you laugh?  I know I have a more recent episode of laughter...matter of a fact I had a good laugh with Melodie last night...the conversation went from getting on the “stomach flu diet” to my planning on licking subway poles to get whatever sickness I could to help me get rid of excess fat...but that wasn’t quite to the side-stitches (that sounds pathetic...but I think it was one of those “you had to be there” things).  Anyway...back to the side stitches...the one that makes me laugh just thinking of it is from a little ways back...and I feel a little guilty about it...because it’s at someone else’s expense, and bless his little heart, I hope he never finds out.  It’s Melodie’s nephew’s school picture from a year or two ago (yes Lesley...if you read this, I’m still waiting on one of these for Christmas or my birthday).  The other one is of my dad yelling “I’m going to ring this thing until the cows come home” at the triathlon that Mom & I were participating in.  I’m happy to tell the whole story of my dad humiliating himself some time if you wish.

How's your family?

My family is doing very well.  My couple of months in & out of Indiana between Boston & New York really brought me closer to my parents.  I talk with them on a very regular basis, whereas there were times in Boston that we could go weeks with no communication.  Now we talk at least every 2 or 3 days.  I really like having them as close friends.  

Also, they have friends who’ve recently & tragically lost family members, as have I & I think this has brought the three of us to acknowledge how lucky we are to still have each other.  We cherish each other by keeping in touch and sharing our love for one another & recognize that we never know when one of us may not be here; we make sure we have no regrets or words unsaid.  

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melodie said...

I loved what you wrote about laughing.. I could say the same thing. I will do these questions over the weekend.. a goal.
love ya

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