Sunday, August 24, 2008

Floatin' Down the River

I'm in Belize, waiting for a cab to take me into town where I hope to enjoy a casual and inexpensive dinner.
I spent the day out & about. I did a zip line & went cave tubing. The second photo is where we put our innertubes into the water but this photo does not do the water color justice; the cave tubing was just jaw-droppingly beautiful at times. It was a little creepier than I remembered (I'd done a shorter version of it years ago in Mexico) but I soon got over that...well, not really, but it wasn't THAT creepy. It was peaceful and relaxing. Floating along a river on an innertube...having jungle all around when not in a cave-what a great way to spend a Sunday.
The zip lining was not nearly as exciting as I'd hoped. It was fun, but did not feel as "adventurous" as I'd expected. I think I need to head to Costa Rica & try one that is REALLY high & long.

Tomorrow I head to Tikal & then in the evening board a flight in Flores to go to Guatemala City. I will then go about 30 minute to Antigua where I will meet Mom. I'm looking forward to traveling with her.
So, I'm off to dinner for now. Thanks for all the "happy travel" messages!!

****Later this evening***

I finally got the photos up for you, though they are now on top of what I wrote before dinner.

I got into the cab to head into town & was completely transported into my dreamy world of travel; "real travel." The windows were down, my arm was laying on old, dirty foam where the pleather had come off the armrest & the the muffler sounded like it would come off on every corner - I always realized that nighttime is one of my favorite times to travel when I'm in another country. You're forced to rely on your other senses because you can't visually soak in everything you're passing. Instead I have to close my eyes & make little places in my memory to store the smells of dirt, smoke, families cooking & the sounds of the passing trucks, rivers running under the bridges, the squeak of the car as we go over one of the hundres of speed bumps. Traveling with windows open, multitudes of talismans swaying on the rearview mirror & bad music playing on the radio; that's what I remember most about my journeys - not the air-conditioned vehicle that I'm transported around in, or the restaurant that could be down the block from me back in NY.
Well, I'm signing off for the evening, as there is a new book & a box of cookies waiting in my room for me. :) Yes, I doesn't replace a man in my room waiting for me, but it sure is still nice & a girl's gotta make do with what she has. :)

Going to bed for the last night under a Belizean Sky - Steph


melodie said...

WOW that sounds amazing. I would love to do that sometime.. I miss you girl. Hope the trip is all that. Keep me posted.

sara said...

Floating down the river. Yes. Snakes. I'll close my eyes & pretend I didn't hear that warning :) Glad the trip is great so far!!

melodie said...

I just saw your update.. awesome photo.. now I really want to be with you! Looks fantastic. Is it nice to be away from bustle of teh city or are you mhomesick?

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