Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer in the City

Today is another gorgeous day in the city.  Big, puffy, white clouds float across the bright blue sky and the temperature is perfect at 82.

I got to see my friend Jack's new condo this afternoon.  It was so nice to get to spend time with an old friend.  I'm so excited for him & all that is going for him.  From his place I wandered the UWS & stopped by my friend Roma's booth to see if she'd want to get dinner tonight.  So, it's been a perfect mixture of great company & down time today.  I'm excited to enjoy a good meal out this evening. 
I enjoyed an outdoor concert at Lincoln Center last night.  The performers were Burkino (as in Faso) Electric; a completely unique mix of electronica & West African traditional music.  There were a couple of pieces that were a bit annoying / "out there", but the others were great.  It was a cool & breezy evening & a perfect way to end the work week.
After the show, I justified getting a frozen yogurt by walking the 40 blocks home.  

It was an easy going, low-key evening that I loved.  


melodie said...

How many smiles did you get? give? Sounds like a good concert. any other plans this week?

melodie said...

I jsut started a blog for Lesley-- check out amelia on the diving board.

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